New Refrigerated Courier Van - Renault Master

We are currently in the process of renewing our refrigerated courier van fleet and have decided to opt for 4 new Renault Master L2 H3 Vehicles.

With a high 1025kg payload and internal dimensions which can accommodate 3 UK pallets, they make an ideal vehicle for a refrigerated courier van.


Built to a bespoke dual temperature conversion, which is capable of achieving -20c in the front compartment accessible via a unique side plug door which takes a UK pallet. The rear of the vehicle has fan kit built into the lining which allows the chilled section to be controlled and monitored by the driver inside the cab. This is separated with a lightweight removable bulkhead to allow full use of a single temperature range.


As we carry a mixture of chilled and frozen boxes, trays and pallets it is essential that a pallet protection kit is fitted onto the vehicle lining.


All of our vehicles are fitted with a Transcan 2 temperature printer and the Lightfoot tracking and fleet monitoring system, which supports fuel efficient driving enabling us to bench mark our drivers performance on the road.


“We have had Renault Masters in the past which have served us well over 300k miles, the payload also enables us to be that little bit more flexible when quoting on deliveries that are close the 1 tonne limit.’’ Darren Smith - Transport and Operations Manager.